November 8, 2019

Feel like you need to spruce up a dull corner? Bedroom wall lacks colour or interest? The easiest way to refresh your space or bring an empty wall to life (that won't break the bank) is with wall art and here at Kindred we have lots of prints to inspire you get creating a wonderful gallery wall that will bring your home to life.


A gallery wall is a great way to showcase your collection of art prints alongside photographs and any other interesting wall decorations like mirrors, weavings and curiosities you have collected along the way. 


You can keep it simple and monochrome, follow a colour theme or go all out mixing ornate frames and colours, the choice is yours. A gallery wall will suit any taste, fit into any budget and will look incredible anywhere... bathroom, sitting room, staircase wall, there are no restrictions.


First of all you need to decide WHERE... is that space above your sofa crying out for some love?  Then, it's WHAT... have you already got lots of prints and photographs collecting dust in the loft or are you after a complete overhaul? Think about a colour palate or theme. If you're really after a statement, then mix it all together. Next, you need to consider HOW... to get the placement just right, there are various layouts you can follow for your gallery wall depending on how you want it to look and what space your working with... from structured and grid-like to something a bit more mix and match a quick internet search will yield plenty of suggestions. If you have the time (and the inclination) you can cut out lining paper in the size of your prints and mock up the space so you get it just right.  Lastly, you sit back and ENJOY the beauty you have created. Your very own art exhibition, just for you.


For me, the joy of a gallery wall is that you can keep adding to it. A beautiful family photo, found treasure or a postcard or print you love... it will grow with you. Don't be afraid to cover the whole wall, right up to the ceiling, you're making a statement after all.



I completely adore the mix of art, mirrors and plates on this wall, adding another layer of interest to the room. It's fun and irreverent without being too overwhelming.

Image via Pinterest.


 Having all of these images framed in black makes for a bold and impactful staircase gallery wall. Hanging frames up a staircase is a little more tricky than a regular wall, so be sure you take the time to ensure you have everything at the right angles.

Image via Pinterest.


 A gallery wall is a great way to showcase everything you love and let your imagination and personality run wild. This boho wall has a real vintage vibe about it, mixing a little bit of everything to create a wall you could look at for hours.

 Image via @weirdgingergirl


If colour is your thing then a gallery wall is permission to go wild. Paint a wall a bold colour as your back drop and then fill it with the brightest boldest images you can find. Unsurprisingly, I love this wall!

Image via Pinterest




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