Why Eco Fabrics?

June 6, 2019

Here at Kindred we only use natural, organic or recycled fabrics. I often get asked why and to me, that's like asking "Why do you look both ways before crossing the road?" OK, so maybe that's a bit extreme ... but sustainable fabrics are a no-brainer and they have come a long way over the years... wearing eco fabrics doesn't mean you need to wear an itchy potato sack, quite the opposite. Choosing eco means you're not only respecting the planet and the people who make the fabrics, you're also respecting your body. So, here's a rough guide to the main fabric's we use and what they all mean.




Cotton is soft on our skin and breathable so is always a great choice and choosing organic cotton over regular cotton means the production processes uses less water, energy and no harmful chemicals. This promotes healthier soil, meaning the people that produce the fabric have a safer working environment, and furthermore the by-products of organic cotton can safely be used in livestock feed and in our diets... (and it's biodegradable). 



These fabrics were formally trees - imagine that! Made from the pulp of fast growing trees such as bamboo and beech, the production of these fabrics is so effective its been awarded the European Award for the environment. The fabric is hardy, extremely versatile and is used for many purposes, from upholstery to denim. They are also used as a Vegan alternative to silk and are also biodegradable. You'll find our tees in these fabrics are super soft, light and drapey.



This fabric, also known at PET, is basically made from plastic bottles that are melted down and spun into yarn. This production process helps to reduce landfill and the use of petroleum, which is used in the manufacture of regular Polyester and is far from eco-friendly. Thus using PET we are reducing toxic emissions and also promoting new recycling streams for not just plastic bottles but also previously unwearable polyester. 







All of our garments are endorsed by the Fair Wear Foundation, ensuring the workers that produced our garments are paid a fair wage, are free from discrimination, have safe and healthy working conditions, receive regular breaks, not forced labour or working excessively long hours and are covered and protected by a legally binding contract. 



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