January 16, 2019

Happy 2019 to all our readers, even though it seems forever since we celebrated the coming of the new year. Whether or not you're a resolution maker, the new year is an excellent time to reboot. It can be springboard to make plans for the year ahead and a time to take stock of the year past, to be thankful for what you have achieved. More often than not, any resolutions I make, get forgotten about  (last year's Hula Hooping challenge for instance)  but this new year I have pledged to myself that I will make a conscious effort to make my household more sustainable and eco friendly. I'm starting with the five below... easy changes to make, some barely noticeable. These small incremental changes over time wont feel like such a huge change and if we continue this over the year, hopefully by the time 2020 comes around, we would have made a considerable difference without much effort. 

If we all managed a few changes each year, between us we could make huge difference. So, if there's one resolution you make for 2019, make it one that we will all benefit from. 



With approximately 42% of all UK households owing a coffee machine, those single serving coffee pods are building up a pile of plastic headed for landfill. Recently we have seen a flux of coffee companies launching 100% compossible pods for your guilt free morning brew. You still have the convenience of a single serving but without the waste. One of the easiest environmentally friendly swaps you could do this year.



A common household single use plastic that most of us use everyday. A massive 1.2 billion meters of cling film is used by UK households every year (thats enough to wrap around the Earth 30 TIMES over). Cling film is so hard to recycle so most of it ends up in landfill adding to our plastic problem and biodegradable options just breakdown to smaller bits of plastic which don't ultimately solve the greater issue. There is an alternative in the form of reusable beeswax wraps. Made with organic cotton, beeswax and oils, these wraps come in various sizes and patterns and mould to your food / container with the heat of your hands. Also, your food will last longer as the wraps allow the air to circulate, thus told wont form as quickly. There are many on the market and although they are more expensive than a roll of cling film, they will last 6-12 months if looked after and are 100% biodegradable (or you can even use them as a firelighter). If you're feeling creative, you can make your own. A quick google will direct you to the right place. Just make sure you use organic cotton. I'm not sure if I'll be making be making my own wraps, but this is definitely a swap I'm willing to have a bash at.



We all know that using harmful chemicals to clean your house is not just bad for the environment but its bad for you too. Plus all those plastic bottles that get thrown away once they are empty. There are certain natural products that you can use to clean, such as vinegar, citrus acid (lemons) and bicarbonate of soda but these can sometimes prove a bit of a fiddle when you just want to get on with it. There are many environmentally friendly switches you can make to your household cleaning products and one I've recently started using is Koh. This is a one product, universal toxin free surface cleaner. It comes with a refillable atomiser and a 4 litre box of solution. So no more throwing away all those plastic bottles. One bottle for all jobs. I love that idea... no more harmful toxins and less waste ... and a bit more room under my kitchen sink!




A huge amount of research in the past year has highlighted the environmental impact of the meat industry. For one, scientists have warned that Beef consumption alone needs to be reduced by a massive 90% if we are to slow down catastrophic climate change. That's huge but eating less meat is something that surely we ALL can do to. We don't need to turn Vegan tomorrow, but replacing a few meat dishes throughout the week with a Vegetarian alternative is a step in the right direction. It isn't about replacing said meat with a vegetarian alternative, thats just boring... It's an opportunity to explore and discover some delicious meatless cuisine... try it, you might just like it. For one-pot-wonder cookers out there, like me... give The Green Roasting Tin a bash.



These toxic little tubes are hard to live without and disposing of them in a regular bin is a big no-no. I've got pots of dead batteries in my kitchen waiting to find an appropriate and safe method of disposal. This year i am pledging not to buy any more disposable batteries and am instead switching to rechargeable ones... if I cant live without them then they need to be more efficient. In fact, thats pretty good measure for most things. 


I'll be back later in the year with a few more suggestions.


If you want some further reading for making you & your household more eco friendly, here's two suggestions to get you going...




 Thanks for stopping by,


Hayley x








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