Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 8, 2018

As you probably know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Unfortunately, Cancer in all its forms, is way too prevalent in all our lives. We will all know or have loved someone who has suffered through this terrible illness. This month is all about raising awareness of Breast Cancer and highlighting the importance of checking your breasts regularly. Early detection saves lives. 


We are "thinking pink" all month to help raise awareness and encourage breast checking. we all need to be more through and make sure we are checking regularly. If you need some PINKsperation, join us on Pinterest for some pink pinning & help spread the word about checking breasts.


 If you haven't checked your breasts yet, follow this video to make sure you are throughly self checking. I was never sure exactly what I should be doing, so I find videos really helpful.


Get to know your boobs so you're familiar with how they feel. Set a monthly / weekly reminder so you get into the habit of regular checking. I have an alarm on my phone so prompt me, its too easy to forget otherwise. There are also websites / apps you can sign up to that will send you a monthly text you remind you. Have a look at or app BECCA (breast cancer care app).


Remember, not all lumps will signify bad news, but if you do feel something irregular or notices changes, please see your doctor immediately. 


 Alphaboobies by Anthony Peters










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